Rheumatic Fever is a disease that manifests itself through strep throat infections in children approximately five to fifteen years old. The disease targets the heart, causing it to swell and often times results in massive heart attacks. Many children do not survive. In May 2015/16, I traveled to Samoa with a team of physicians and medical students from Utah Valley University who are seeking to eradicate Rheumatic fever from the Samoan Islands and the world. They worked tirelessly to educate grade school students and their parents about the disease, screen children, take DNA samples and follow up with those screened in previous years in order to collect valuable data to be used in their research here in the U.S. I created this video to show a day in the life of the children and doctors, and the process of collecting data for their research. I am currently editing work that was collected in 2016 and it will be posted soon.